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Our Financial Planning Process

Financial planning for residents of Spain forms the core service offered by Blacktower. It is the centre of the wheel if you like. From this viewpoint we can assess a client´s existing financial arrangements and make recommendations having gathered substantial information about the individual, their family and what they wish to achieve in engaging our services. As part of this process we will normally meet clients face to face in a no obligation initial meeting. If the client wishes to continue we will explain our terms of business and then gather information in the form of a Fact Find as well as a Risk Profile Questionnaire.

We will then produce an in depth recommendation report specific to that client and their circumstances. For this work there will be no cost nor any obligation to follow our recommendations.

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Administration and Compliance

At Blacktower we offer full administrative support to our clients as part of our service. We are experts at dealing with life companies, fund houses and other product providers - making sure each process and transaction runs as smoothly as possible. Furthermore we have a diligent compliance department making sure that all recommendations are appropriate and follow rules and procedures set out by our regulator - The Financial Services Commission.

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